2013 Honda Pilot Review

Let’s say you’re in the market for a roomy family hauler but the thought of buying a minivan takes your soul by Honda pilot could be an alternative here’s what you should know 3.5 liter V6. Vibes good A 5 speed automatic. Shifts. Right qualities fine. Steering. Art film. It’s a slow and vague. Those qualities aren’t. Freeway but parking lot speeds. Slow ratio an overly. Effort means the driver enjoys the solid our work. Well you can talk to 4500 pounds worry less impressive 2000 pounds with front wheel drive models. Then there’s the optional all wheel drive system that can help you clutter we absolutely roads but hard core off road excursions are probably best left your body with the Ford raptor. For dice your road conditions block mode ensures the rear wheels receive power at speeds up to 18 miles per hour.

Honda Pilot 2013The 2013 Honda pilot interior has lots of space and seats 8 seats to be exact. Adults who choose to occupy the third row will likely regret that decision the children should be perfectly happy. Life in the room the second row is much better even the middle position thanks to a flat leg accommodating floor. Serial qualities boom K. with abundant hard plastic interrupted by strategically placed soft surfaces. As for usability like the big easy to read gauge cluster but the instrument panel would benefit from a clearer lay out with fewer similar looking buttons. The optional navigation system does a workmanlike job providing information but lacks the intuitive Nyssa competitive systems. An issue exacerbated by clumsy controls placed far below the drivers feel defeat. Practicalities a pilot strength.

Behind the third row are 18 cubic feet of luggage space with hidden waterproof storage underneath. Deploy the optional power liftgate stow the second and third row seats can you can fling a sizeable 87 cubic feet of cargo into the Pilot hold. If that’s not enough a bevy of small storage next throughout the vehicle can be used for hiding random provisions. The. Well didn’t crash it to see what the Honda pilot does include helpful safety items. Stability control. Front headrests. Its airbags including 3 row side curtain airbags. Led 2013 Honda Pilot headlight.I Its price is just under $30000 alluded navigation rear seat. Payment all wheel drive letter cooked EXL. trim costs nearly $42000. Having the pilots value proposition for solid fuel economy figures and competitive residual values. A midsize SUVs were cry. Adding. GMC Acadia Ford explorer Toyota 4 runner. Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango. Each offering varying blends of roominess. Knowledge she. Ability and style at my trial. Pilot depending on your needs. The big takeaway is at the Honda pilot bring style and he. Ruggedness. Task of hauling people and cargo. Domestic duties. Talented all around. I can’t guarantee owning a pilot will make you any cooler than if you own a minivan.