Car clutch.

The clutch is an essential element of the drive system, which due to the friction of its structural units can transmit torque from the engine to the running gear.

Car clutch

Clutch structural elements are the following:

    • Disc of clutch, which absorbs most of the vibrations of the engine, what reduces noise from the gearbox, in turn;
    • A flywheel made in the form of a massive disc, transmitting the torque from the engine to the transmission;
    • Releaser, as a device to transmit torque from the clutch to the drive system;
    • Shopping clutch that transmits torque to the gearbox input shaft.

In modern cars use three types of drives: mechanical (cable), hydraulic and automatic (no clutch pedal, but it requires a considerable share of the electronics for the operation). Breakdowns in the clutch system are often called a drive malfunction that requires constant diagnosis of the clutch element. Bearing work depends on the quality and quantity of lubricant, which selection is carried out on the basis of a specific amount of load on the clutch and the conditions of use of the vehicle.