The scrapers and brushes for the car from the snow, what is the difference.

brushesIt is hard to imagine, but once the owners of vehicles treated only with a shovel, broom and brush household. Today in their arsenal there is a set of tools that can facilitate the process of cleaning the vehicle on snow and does not hurt the car.

Brushes, scrapers, brooms, mitten with teeth, telescopic scraper – with the help of these items we can clean a vehicle not only on the fluffy snow, but also on the frozen ice firmly.

The easiest and most versatile tool is a brush from the snow, which is derived from the household brushes. Its configuration can be anyone – as long as it is convenient to lay in the hand and did not make efforts at using. Material nap is often artificial, like a thin fishing line, but soft to the touch and does not scratch the car.
Scraper for the car looks like a spatula. Its edge may be chamfered or have teeth. Purpose of scraper implies of name – to scrape, to deliver the car on ice. The teeth on the edge of the spatula can be large and small, that is not essential.