Forward Emergency Braking is a system to prevent frontal collisions.

BrakingOne of a set of active safety systems of Nissan Safety Shield is a FEB system.
Fully integrated radar system, scanning the traffic situation before the car Nissan X-Trail, provides three levels of driver assistance. First, an audible warning signal is given which informs about the reducing of the distance to the vehicle in front. If the driver does not respond, the system uses the staffing inhibition (using the vehicle brake system). Finally, if the distance continues to shrink, the system uses the emergency braking if it is necessary.

“Eyes” of the system are built into the front of the car ultra-sensitive radars, whose main task is to ensure the operation of the adaptive cruise control. Nevertheless, even when the latter is turned off, they continue to scan the road in front of the machine and transmit the information to the control unit.